Unison Martial Arts Academy

Kids Martial Arts


415 Yaamba Road, North Rockhampton QLD

We pride ourselves on a Kids curriculum that works!

The movements children do when they begin training are things children are used to doing. Children are used to wrestling around with each other and having fun.

Creating a platform for children to be able to grow, learn and respect each other is what we pride ourselves on.Both our Kids Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes work off a progressive curriculum with a structured grading syllubus.

Above all it teaches balance, coordination, self control, awareness, discipline and how to be a gracious winner/ loser (sportsmanship). All qualities that all children can benefit from and apply to other aspects of their lives.

Give your children real confidence and fitness that works!

More than superior Martial Arts training! Your child will learn key skills to help improve their study habits, listening skills and concentration in school. Plus, learn the importance of goal setting and perseverance, to achieve results.