Unison Martial Arts Academy

Muay Thai Kick Boxing


415 Yaamba Road, North Rockhampton QLD

Take time to learn how to punch, kick, knee and elbow correctly

Want to kick butt in life, look fantastic and have real confidence in your ablities? Then Black Dragon Kai Muay Thai is for you!

Everyone has a lot to gain by to losing unwanted kilos and building confidence, strength and more endurance.

A typical class includes the traditional Muay Thai bow in, followed by a full body warm-up to get your muscles and joints ready for the upcoming work-out. It is then finished with a stretch and a cool down.

Everbody has to start somewhere, that is why it is always encouraged to work a pace that suits you. Focus is placed on correct body mechanics and development of power and speed through correct technique and form. Thai Boxing consists of various punches, elbows, knees, kicks and clinch work.

Kicking Butt!

Ajarn Geordie Lavers Mc-Bain (pictured centre in White Singlet) has been training since the beginning of Muay Thai in Queensland. He has seen the growth of the sports from its grass roots to its highest level. He has produced many regional champions and 2 world champions. We are very fortunate to be working with him and working with his cutting edge system.

Climb the ranks of the Black Dragon Kai Muay System!

We are very fortunate to be working closely with Black Dragon Kai Australia for our Muay Thai System. Black Dragon Kai Muay Thai is a highly evolved and constantly changing system that encorporates the latest in fight techniques, training methods and philosophies. This way you are not only getting an advantage with your training but know that you are connected to the wider family of Black Dragon Kai schools around Australia. For more information make sure to visit www.blackdragonkai.com.au.

Current Muay Thai Ranking


Level 12 - Brown/ White Armband

  • Terry Miles (Assistant Instructor)
  • Simone Offord (Assistant Instructor)
  • Jeremy Hale

Level 11 - Purple/ Black Armband

  • Coming Soon!

Level 10 - Purple Armband

  • Coming Soon

Level 9 - Purple/ White Armband

  • Tony Johnston

    Level 8 - Blue/ Black Armband

    • Coming Soon!

    Level 7 - Blue Armband

    • Daniel McNamara
    • Johnson Kwan

    Level 6 - Blue/White Armband

    • Christopher Bennett
    • Jaccob Edmond
    • Luke Edmund

    Level 5 - Green/Black Armband

    Level 4 - Green Armband

    • Hayden Rose
    • Amy Bennett
    • David John Evans

    Level 3 - Green/White Armband

    • Ces Dimalata
    • Michael Bujwa
    • Nathan Russell
    • David John Evans
    • Jason Fagg

    Junior - Level 3 - Yellow Armband

    • (Junior) Jack Reid

    Level 2 - White/Black Armband

    • Joao Silva
    • Luiz Da Silva
    • Lucas Da Silva
    • Filepe Gomes
    • Daniel Prosser
    • Matty Carolan
    • Peta Carolan
    • Anna Martin
    • Taylor Crawford

    Muay Thai Instructor

    • Ferdie Galguierra