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2016 Unison Club shirts in Production!

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Dynamic Duo represent Black Dragon Kai Rockhampton!

Can not be any prouder of these two! Well done Simone and Jeremy, there was not a doubt in my mind that you would both represent to best of your abilities. Hard work, consistency and belief in yourselves payed off. You both deserve it! “veni, vidi, vici” - 'You came, you saw, you conquered'. Well done! Once again a huge thank you to Black Dragon Kai Martial Arts, Ajarn Geordie, Kru Yoshi and Kru Dave for taking your time out to corner and support the Rockhampton Branch. - 18th November 2013

Unison Competitors represent at the final QBJJC in Brisbane!

On Sunday 20th October 2013 unison students Isaac Bianchi and Nick Dallow made the trip down to Brisbane to compete in the final Queensland Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championships. Both competitors proved that with the right training partners and training environment they could compete and hang with the best that Queensland has to offer! Well done guys, you have done all of your fellow training partners and team proud. Nick Dallow came away 2 silvers and a bronze and Isaac Bianchi came away with a silver in his first tournament as a blue belt. Fightclub! Oss.

Unison proud to incorporate Black Dragon Kai Muay Thai System!

Now you can you work your way through the art of Muay Thai with the Black Dragon Kai Grading system!

Fightclub Australia Founder and Head Instructor to arrive in Rockhampton in August!!

Our Head Instructor Professor Daniel Lima will be arriving on the 10th August. With our last seminar being very popular do not miss this opportunity to learn how to sweep and submit your opponent from one of the world's leading Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belts. Osu!

Unison's First Fighters Represent!

So proud of Unison's very first fighters Simone Offord and Jeremy Hale last night at Gladstone's Rumble in the Cage 2. They both showed fantastic heart, courage under pressure, technical Muay Thai and above all fantastic sportsmanship after both of their wins. Thank you to the massive support crew that came out to watch, with close to 42 people connected to Unison cheering us on we really appreciated it and couldn't be happier. It was fantastic to have such a following behind us. Another thank you to Anthony Bosel for being the second cornerman, great work mate you done a great job and we can't forget Hannah Dalby for jumping in at the last second to help our fighters prep, how intense are the back rooms with the fighters prepping Hannah?! Gladstone Martial Arts Academy you guys put on an awesome night, was happy to be a part of it!

Black Dragon Founder - Geordie Lavers McBain to arrive at Unison Martial Arts!

There is no better time to learn from one of the best in the industry then now!

Geordie Lavers McBain is known for producing high quality world champions both in and out of the ring. If you have any interest in Muay thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or Kudo and want to increase your knowledge then don't miss this fantastic opportunity! This is a first for Rockhampton!

1 week free trial for your child!

Want to get your child started in martial arts/ fitness but not quite sure just yet? Take advantage of this awesome offer.

1 week completely FREE for your child!! (8-15yrs old only).

All you have to do to be eligible is fill out the contact form in the right hand corner with the age of your child and if they have done martial arts before or what sport/activity they are currently doing and we will get back to you to set up your FREE week for your child!!

Daniel Lima Seminar - Feb 2013 Rockhampton a Success!

Saturday February 9th 2013 saw us host Founder of Fightclub Australia, Prof. Daniel Lima

Big thanks to everyone for coming and showing their support in bringing up one of Australia's most respected and technical black belt instructors Daniel Lima. Especially to Gladstone Martial Arts with a huge number in attendance! With 3 hours of highly detailed instructions in various sweeps and side control submissions, we are sure that every participant walked away with a vast improvement to their brazilian jiu jitsu game. It was also great to see local japanese jiu jitsu coach Randall on the mats to share the experience.

The morninig saw the first ever run of junior brazilian jiu jitsu gradings in Rockhampton. Congratulations to Papa, Madison, Tyrone, Darian and Angel for successfully completing their first grey stripe on their white belt. The adults saw Damian Pearce complete his first stripe on his white belt. After 2 years and hundreds of hours of training and perseverance we were all proud to watch Isaac Bianchi successfully attain his blue belt. This was no easy feat with close to 2 hours of continous execution of almost a hundred techniques. Congratulations!

Prof. Daniel Lima awarding Isaac Bianchi his well deserved blue belt. Head instructor of Fightclub Gladstone and Gladstone Martial Arts Rob McIntyre claps in approval.

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